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Look at yourself in...

Always want to see yourself in Argentina or Australia? Here's you chance. Get a mirror in the shape of any country of the world and pimp up your walls. Just email us and let us know what you want and you will get your mirror in no time.

Mirrors are cut out of 18x18cm, 38x38 or 79x38cm plates of acrylic mirror.

We will provide you with instructions on the exact positions on islands (where applicable), so your mirror-art is also geographically correct. The mirror will be 3mm thick and very light you can simply attach the mirrors where ever you want using double sided tape (for example removable mounting squares from scotch).

Fancy a gold-mirror? No problem, contact us and we can arrange for that, too! (Prices will vary.)

Click here for a list of currently available country shaped Mirrors
Contact us for other countries, continents or even lakes. We can bring all your mirror projects to life!


max SizePriceDestination
15.90 USD/EURBuyBuy
45.90 USD/EURBuyBuy
65.90 USD/EURBuyBuy

Production time: 1-2 weeks.

Sold through etsy (US) and dawanda (EU). Prices do not include Shipping.

mirror 1
mirror 2

Get your mirror up in no time!

Double sided-foam tape is perfectly suited for the job!