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Select your own in

four easy steps

Step 1

Pick Your Adornment

First, decide on the type of jewelry you want. All jewelry items are shaped like the country which you will chose in step 3 below. Elevations are scaled so that mountains and valleys are visible even for very flat countries.

Belt buckles for wearing over your belt's fastener. Our geographic belt buckles attach to most standard sized waist belts with holes. Mountains are carefully smoothed to not catch in your clothes' fabric.

Belt buckles are currently not available from any of our partner stores. Please contact us if you are interested in buying one.

Delicate earring pendants. The thickness is between 0.8mm (where the country is low) and 1.7mm (the highest peaks).

A solid closed hook (no moving parts) on the top is for attachment to standard earring hooks.

Some of our partner stores sell these with hook, some without. Stores might sell individual earrings (mix and match!) or pairs. Please check the store's product description before making a purchase!

Simple elegant cuff fasteners for your dress shirt or blouse. Button sized with the country shape to a maximum dimension (width or height) of 17mm.

Cufflinks have no moving parts. One side is the geographic shape, the other end a solid disk.

Some partner stores might sell individual cufflinks (mix and match!) and others pairs. Please check the store's product description before making a purchase. Contact us for pairs.

Pendants for use with a necklace. The maixmum dimension (width or height) is approximately 3.5mm (9/64in). The thickness of the pendant depends on the material choice.

A solid closed hook (no moving parts) on the rear allows attaching this pendant to a necklace. The necklace must fit through a hole sized 4mm by 3mm.

Step 2

Chose a Material

The following materials are selected to make geographical jewelry appear as elegant as they are realistic representations of the countries. When making your choice you should consider not only the type of material but also the surface finish and size! For example, stainless steel comes with a rough surface making the geographic details appear more realistic.

Step 3

Select Your Country

Almost done! All that's left now is selecting the country you want to wear in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry. There are over 200 countries in the world. Out of those 172 have a shape that can be 3D printed as jewelry. Note that we grouped the list of countries by four major geographical regions.

The data used to generate this item is the “Hole-filled seamless SRTM data V4” provided by the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). This data is available publicly at The Society for Printable Geography is not afiliated with CIAT in any way.