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About Us

Who we are

The Society for Printable Geography was formed in 2011 by a duo of entrepreneurial makers who share a curiosity for geography. Our mission is to use geography as central topic for our creative explorations into the unchartered waters of data driven design, mass customization, and 21st century manufacturing techniques.

What we do (and why)

In our work we explore the cutting edge of what can be done with modern technology—both in hardware and in software: We are excited about modern manufacturing tools like 3D printers and laser cutters. We feed these machines with complex geographical data sets and satellite data to create geographical artifacts from tiny pieces of geographical jewelry to large geographical mirrors for your wall. Our customization tools (like our geographical iPhone case creator) are among the first demonstrations of a new wave of powerful online creation tools that give you the creative freedom to make unique physical products without any specialized skills.

How to find us

The Society for Printable Geography has its home in Germany, but our products are made in trusted workshops all over the world. In addition to the products displayed on, we also occasionally design and make objects (geographical and non-geographical) to a customer specification. We are friendly and travelling: Feel free to contact us (contact details and a contact form can be found at the top of every page) any time, but please give us 48 hours to reply from whatever time zone we are currently in.

Finally, to give this page a personal touch, here's a photo of our admin assistant replying to customer email:

Our Products

Custom iPhone Geo-Cases

Create your unique iPhone case with the geographical terrain of any part of the world using our Geographical iPhone Creator! Simple drag the map to anywhere on earth, zoom in to your home town or zoom out to see the entire mountain ranges like the Himalaya. Feel free to adjust parameters like the scale of the moutains and don't forget to select one out of five popping colors. This project is in collaboration with our friends at who will produce your iPhone case using 3D printing.

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Geographical Jewelry

Wear your interest for geography or the love for your country on your sleeve, your ear or around your neck! We have created geographical jewelry for 173 countries of the world in the form of pendants, earrings or cufflinks. Each object has a base shaped according to the borders and coastlines of the chosen country while its thickness resembles the terrain of the country.

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Geographical Mirrors

This is a technically simple product with a big wow factor: A mirror in the shape of any country or continent you want. The mirror is made out of acrylic (also known as plexiglass). That means you don't need a frame, simply attach the mirror to your wall with non-permanent adhesive tape. One customer even ordered the entire world in mirrors as a very stylish living room decoration!

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Geographical Puzzles

Thankfully, most people (by now) know that Africa contains more than one country. But can you piece together all 50 shapes of the countries of continental Africa to form the shape of the continent? Or how about the countries of Central Asia? In this puzzle every piece is exactly shaped like a country, instead of the similarly shaped pieces in normal puzzles.

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Custom Creations

Occasionally customers write us with custom requests. A pendant of Scotland only instead of the entire United Kingdom? No problem! A mirror in a specific size? No problem! Just write us and we will see what we can do. When we find a project exciting we also offer consulting and design work for any project that is a good match with our capabilities.

Tell us about your product or idea: therabbithole @